While ideas and innovations cross borders, it can be much more difficult for the actual innovators to do the same. With no available visa for entrepreneurs, many foreign born entrepreneurs struggle to secure the work authorization needed to start a business in the United States.

Miller Mayer, LLP has a long history of working with entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. As a full service law firm, our attorneys can guide you through incorporation, copyright protection, employment law, as well as general corporate law. In addition, our nationally recognized immigration practice can guide you through innovative immigration solutions to help you secure your future in the U.S.  Below are a few immigration options our team could discuss with you.

Students can receive part-time work authorization while enrolled in school. In some instances, full time work authorization is also available.

After graduation, F-1 students can obtain one year of work authorization in their field of study.

For individuals in science, technology, engineering or math occupations, two additional years of OPT may be available. Self-employment limited.

Visa status available to bachelor’s-level, or higher, workers in the United States. H-1B has a wage minimum and has limitations on self-employment.

Provides work authorization to Canadians and Mexicans in particular occupations.  Has limitations on self-employment.

Green Cards for  individuals who have extraordinary ability or lead multinational companies.

Allows a transfer of a manager, executive, or “specialized knowledge” employee from a foreign subsidiary, affiliate, or parent company to a U.S. entity. Requires one year of work outside the U.S.

Allows nationals of certain countries having treaties with the U.S. to acquire work authorization through investment in the U.S.

Allows for a limited amount of paid training or work in the U.S. Sometimes requires the worker to return home for two years after the J-1 program.

Provides work authorization for entrepreneurs who have demonstrated extraordinary ability through their career.

Provides no work authorization, but may be appropriate for foreign-based entrepreneurs.

Green cards for  individuals working in the national interest.

  • Committed to developing sound and thorough immigration solutions for businesses, employers, and employees.

  • We work closely and flexibly with businesses to create and implement successful immigration strategies.

  • We help physicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, and professionals explore and navigate immigration options, meet requirements, and maximize opportunities.


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