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Miller Mayer attorneys have over 25 years of experience in guiding U.S. businesses, individual clients, and families through the immigration process. We help employees and employers in start up companies, hospitals, universities, and financial and tech industries in our region and across the United States. We assist individuals in securing green cards for their life partners and family members, in naturalizing, and in obtaining a valid immigration status based on their talents and entrepreneurial endeavors.  Simply put, we help our clients succeed.

For business, our sound immigration guidance will further your organization’s growth and talent development and mobility. Our attorneys have deep knowledge of the ever-changing legal, regulatory, and political climate and its impact on available immigration opportunities and requirements, and can maximize your chances of bringing in and retaining top talent. We can also help “audit-proof” your business so it stays proactive and responds effortlessly to any federal immigration-related queries.

We work closely with HR departments and business owners to develop effective policies and hiring strategies, to educate employees, and to achieve immigration compliance. For smaller businesses and start up companies, we develop strategic and resourceful solutions to common and complex immigration problems. To make immigration easier, we offer newsletters, tracking reports, bilingual advice memos, and helpful templates for documents and policies. Our responsiveness and customer service is unmatched among peer firms.

  • Committed to developing sound and thorough immigration solutions for businesses, employers, and employees.

  • We work closely and flexibly with businesses to create and implement successful immigration strategies.

  • We help physicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, and professionals explore and navigate immigration options, meet requirements, and maximize opportunities.


To start a conversation about working with us, please contact the Immigration Practice Group.



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December 7, 2017

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Straight Talk on Redeployment

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Travel Ban Fact Sheet and FAQ

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