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Having provided counsel in the EB-5 area for over 20 years, Miller Mayer is today one of the leading EB-5 immigration law firms in the world.  Leveraging our experience and scholarship, Miller Mayer attorneys have helped lead the EB-5 industry in shaping legislative proposals and USCIS policy.  We remain committed to improving EB-5 adjudication and maintaining industry best-practices.  Our clients benefit from the deep insight we have gained from decades of experience and success in the EB-5 industry.

Attorneys in our EB-5 Practice Group have combined corporate experience with a foundation in immigration law to build a practice uniquely suited to exceptional EB-5 representation. Our EB-5 Practice Group is headed by Steve Yale-Loehr and Carolyn Lee, both widely recognized authorities on EB-5 law.

  • Thousands of conditional and permanent residency approvals for individual investors and their families.

  • Demonstrated industry leadership as Chair, Co-Chair, and Vice-Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association EB-5 Committee.
  • Recognized industry thought leaders in EB-5 legislation and policy.
  • Legal Representative Office in Shanghai, China offering real-time counsel to Asia-based clients and business partners.
  • Nearly a decade of China EB-5 industry experience with deep migration agency relationships.
  • USCIS-approved projects in commercial real estate, infrastructure, manufacturing, and energy sectors.
  • Creative and results-oriented EB-5 legal counsel informed by nuanced understanding of shifting adjudication trends.
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To start a conversation about working with us, please contact the Miller Mayer EB-5 Practice Group.


Miller Mayer EB-5 Gateway is a suite of services designed specifically for U.S. projects to maintain compliance under new USCIS audit policies and to prepare for EB-5 legislation to come. Miller Mayer has created compliance modules to allow clients to customize their level of support.


Miller Mayer has secured approval of hundreds of regional center designations, amendments, and exemplar project filings.  We have represented regional centers, developers, and funds in EB-5 projects across economic sectors including commercial real estate, infrastructure, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, gaming, energy and manufacturing.   Our EB-5 clients have developed projects throughout the United States including in New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, California, Texas, Maryland, North Dakota, Nevada, Ohio, Florida, and Colorado.


In the past decade only, Miller Mayer filed thousands of EB-5 petitions while maintaining approval rates far above industry norms. This includes petitions benefiting over 16,000 individuals, and over 2,000 approvals of I-829s, the petition establishing job creation that secures a permanent green card. Our investor clients hail from countries all over the world including China, Vietnam, Korea, France, India, and Kazakhstan.



December 7, 2017

EB-5 Site Visits: Coming to a JCE Near You

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Straight Talk on Redeployment

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