Beginning April 1, 2024, noncitizens applying for naturalization, using the new edition of Form N-400 (edition date 04/01/24), can complete additional questions on the form to request an original or replacement Social Security number (SSN) card and to authorize U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to update their immigration status as a U.S. citizen with the Social Security Administration (SSA) office, USCIS announced. The agency said this will eliminate the need for most new citizens to separately visit the SSA field office to apply for an SSN or replacement card or to provide documentation of their new U.S. citizen status to the SSA. (SSA may request additional information if needed.)

Applicants who do not request an SSN card or authorize the disclosure of information to the SSA when completing the Form N-400 must visit a Social Security office to request an SSN card and update their status as a U.S. citizen.

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