Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle in Trump Wants Local Police to Enforce Immigration Law. California Forbids It. The article discusses California law SB54, which restricts police officers’ ability to enforce immigration laws. During his presidency, the article explains, Mr. Trump “sought to withhold federal law enforcement grants from cities including San Francisco that had passed so-called sanctuary laws prohibiting police from aiding immigration enforcement.” San Francisco sued and won at the federal district and appellate court levels. The Biden administration ended the Trump administration’s efforts to take the case to the Supreme Court. Steve said that if Mr. Trump were to try the same thing during a second administration, it would likely end up in litigation again. “Courts would have to make a final decision as to whether he could deny funding to those jurisdictions,” he said, noting that in general, it would be harder for Trump to deputize local police for immigration enforcement in places like California that have passed sanctuary laws.

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