Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by the Chronicle of Higher Education in A Law That Could Restrict Graduate Students From China, Iran is Challenged in Court (registration required). The article discusses a lawsuit filed by two doctoral students and a professor to block a new Florida law “that restricts public colleges in the state from hiring graduate assistants or visiting scholars from ‘countries of concern,’ including China, Iran, and Russia.” Steve said, “The U.S. Constitution provides due process and equal protection to everyone in the U.S., not just citizens. This Florida law clearly violates those rights by barring certain international students and professors from conducting academic research.” He noted that a federal appeals court recently blocked another Florida law that banned Chinese citizens, including graduate students and professors, from buying property in the state because it would violate federal law. “I am confident that a federal court will void this Florida law on the same grounds,” he said.