Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by PolitiFact in Ask PolitiFact: Can Joe Biden ‘Shut Down the Border’ on His Own? “Closing the border arguably would violate” domestic and international asylum laws,” he said.

Steve was quoted by the Los Angeles Times in A Decade-Old Scalia Dissent Is Now Driving the Texas-Biden Dispute Over Illegal Immigration. Referring to new Texas law SB4, which the article notes “would authorize Texas police and state judges to arrest, detain and deport migrants who are suspected of crossing the border illegally,” Steve said, “This is a frontal assault on the federal primacy in immigration enforcement, and it’s definitely going to the Supreme Court.”

Steve was quoted by the Chicago Tribune in No Help: The Federal Immigration Deal Won’t Fix the Migrant Crisis in Chicago—and It’s Unlikely to Pass Congress Anyway. “When migrants enter the United States at the border, they have ‘credible fear interviews’ lasting up to 10 to 20 minutes with immigration authorities,” he said. Steve also noted that proposed legislation recommends raising the bar for asylum eligibility, which means there could be more expedited removals after migrants’ credible fear interviews. “That may reduce the number of asylum-seekers in Chicago because they’re deemed not even to be eligible to apply for asylum at the border.”. He also noted that migrants don’t often understand nuanced changes in immigration policy: “People who are fleeing likely don’t read the New York Times. They are going to come no matter what the law is or how Congress changes.”

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