U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced on March 13, 2024, that E-Verify updated its tutorial and knowledge test “to accurately reflect E-Verify’s processes, images, branding, and resources, and to provide new and existing users with an improved experience.” The tutorial requirement and process has not changed. USCIS said that new users must complete all lessons and pass the knowledge test with a score of 70% or above to begin using E-Verify. The agency noted:

  • Existing users who successfully completed the knowledge test before this update can review the new content but are not required to retake the tutorial. Users may review or retake the tutorial by navigating to the “Take Tutorial” option under the Resources menu in their account.
  • Users who were in the process of completing the tutorial but had not yet passed the knowledge test will have their progress reset. These users must start the tutorial over and complete the knowledge test to gain access to their accounts.