The Department of State (DOS) announced on February 20, 2024, that it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Federal Republic of Germany. The MOU waives certain regulatory provisions to establish an exchange of German principals to secondary schools overseen and financed by the government of Germany in the United States.

Exchange visitors under the MOU are “experts in a field with specialized knowledge or skills. Program participants are required to be German citizens, hold a valid German passport, and have teaching certification for the secondary level or an advanced degree equivalent to a Master’s degree in school administration or a similar field. Program participants are selected by the Federal German Foreign Office and its subordinate authority, the Central Agency for Schools Abroad. Participants are placed as principals in German schools in the United States that are recognized and overseen by the Federal Foreign Office,” the notice states. 

DOS noted that a foreign national is eligible to participate in an exchange visitor program as a specialist if that individual does not fill a permanent or long-term position of employment while in the United States. 

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