Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted in several media outlets about the end of Title 42: 

  • “White House, States, Congress Look for Immigration Solutions as Title 42 Ends,” United Press International. Steve said, “Too many people will want to enter, and there won’t be enough Border Patrol agents to prevent a surge of illegal entries.” He said that just and comprehensive immigration reform, which is unlikely in the current sharply divided Congress, would include more work visas “so that people who want to work temporarily in the U.S. could enter legally rather than illegally.” He also said he believes that the estimated 10 million undocumented people in the United States should be legalized “so that they can come out of the shadows.” And, finally, he said effective border security must be realized: “It is like three legs of a stool: All three legs are necessary for effective reform.” Read the article here. 
  • “Biden Decides to Limit Access to Asylum at the Border With Mexico,” Brazilian Mail (Correio Braziliense). Steve explained that as part of the end of Title 42, the Biden administration is implementing a new rule under which anyone who enters the United States without authorization will be considered ineligible for asylum. “The authorities want people to use the new app, called CBP One, for scheduling asylum interviews at ports of entry. It’s a way to legally apply for asylum,” he said. Steve predicted “chaos and confusion at the border at first.” Read the article here (in Portuguese with English translation available).

Steve co-authored an op-ed in Slate, “Biden Will Never Get Us Out of the Trump Era Like This.” 

Steve was quoted by BollyInside in “Miami’s Real Estate Community Concerned About Negative Effects of DeSantis-Supported Bills: ‘This Will Be Painful.’ ” Limiting the buying power of foreign nationals from several nations in the United States “could be a real blow to [the EB-5 immigrant investor] program,” he said. Read the article here.