Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by The Guardian in Abbott Slated to Sign Law Allowing Arrest of Anyone Crossing Texas Border Without Papers. He said, “Part of the reason for passing this law is to send a message to the Biden administration that Texas is going to go as far as it dares, and they don’t care whether they lose in court, they’re making a political statement.” Steve said that a legal challenge against the Texas law, SB4, would probably succeed, but that court battles can take several years. He said he is especially concerned about the new law’s interim effect on asylum seekers. 

Steve was quoted by the New York Daily News in Hochul Says NY Will Not Give State Work Permits to Migrants: “I’m Constrained by the Law.” He said that no state has ever tried to supersede the federal government’s role as the dispenser of work papers. He noted that the approach Hochul described would have invited long-running litigation and would not have helped the state in the short-term.

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