Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by AM New York in Tales of Survival: NYC Migrants Face Bureaucratic Challenges to Gain Work Visas After a Long Journey to America. “It seems to be hit or miss as to who gets parole versus being told just to file an asylum application,” he said. He noted, among other things, that migrants face many legal obstacles when trying to avoid deportation and build a life in the United States. “There are so many challenges they have. Just on the legal front, understanding the work permit complexities, depending on what status they are. Trying to find an immigration lawyer or other advocate who can help them navigate this process.” While the number of applications filed by a clinic in Lower Manhattan is impressive, he said, New York City needs to be more consistent in its efforts to help migrants apply for work permits, and it needs to step up its outreach so a greater number of newcomers are aware of the legal help available to them: “We need to have more money, and train more paralegals and more lawyers to be able to do this on an ongoing basis.” 

Steve was quoted by Univision in Academics Urge Congress to Enact Specific Immigration Reforms as Soon as Possible. The article discusses a white paper, Immigration Reform: A Path Forward, which Steve co-authored. “We designed our proposals to address three areas where we see public support. Even in a gridlocked Congress, these targeted immigration reforms can be implemented,” he said. The article is in Spanish with English translation available.

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