Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by CBS News in “U.S. Proposes Hiking Fees for Work-Related Immigration Applications to Fund Asylum Program.” Steve said, “The USCIS needs more money to help dig itself out of a massive backlog and to modernize its technology. But it might not legally be able to force employers to pay for asylum-related costs. Employers might sue to block some of the new fee increases if they don’t seem justified.” Find the article here

Steve was quoted by Law360 in “Top Immigration Cases to Watch in 2023.” Steve said, “The immigration courts are certainly overwhelmed. They have 1.9 million cases pending and many of these cases involve important issues, like whether someone will be persecuted or killed if they go back home. It’s like trying to decide death penalty cases in a traffic court setting.” Regarding the growing number of mandamus cases in federal court challenging delayed applications, visas, and work permits, he noted, “I think we’re going to see some tension there between people saying, ‘I’ve got to sue because I’ve been waiting for two years,’ and whether federal courts will go along with that or not.” Read the article here (registration required).