Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by the New York Times in They Fled Climate Chaos. Asylum Law Made Decades Ago Might Not Help (available by subscription). He said, “The general public is becoming less accepting of asylum as a remedy because there are so many people being creative in applying for it. …When people think of asylum, they imagine a government official pointing a gun at someone’s head. They don’t think of crop failures or sea levels rising because of climate change.”

Steve was quoted by the Cornell Daily Sun in Dyson Students’ “Pathways of Belonging” Initiative Partners With Local Human Rights Office. The article discussed a panel held at Cornell on the immigration process and its effects on migrants. Steve discussed the broken U.S. immigration system and the challenges immigrants face as they try to find a sense of belonging amid their journey toward U.S. citizenship. He highlighted the overwhelming volume of pending cases, exacerbated by a shortage of immigration judges. Steve noted that the backlog subjects many immigrants to years of waiting for crucial decisions.

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