Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by the Associated Press in “Video Prompts False Claims That Soldier Allowed Migrants to Cross Border Illegally.” Steve dismissed as “ludicrous” claims that soldiers’ actions that were videotaped in Eagle Pass, Texas, and widely circulated violated 8 U.S.C. §§ 1324 and 1327. He said § 1327 is a “rarely-used provision” prohibiting people from aiding certain criminal and subversive foreign nationals from entering the country, and § 1324, the other statute mentioned in comments posted on the video, penalizes people who “harbor” undocumented migrants. Steve suggested the bus people were boarding was likely destined for the nearest Border Patrol station where the migrants would be screened, processed, and detained, as is the agency’s protocol. They aren’t simply being let free as claimed, he noted. “The video doesn’t show any effort to harbor or hide undocumented migrants. Claims that federal officials are simply letting migrants enter the U.S. illegally are unfounded.”

Steve was also interviewed by several media outlets about immigration policy changes:

  • “Immigration Expert Expects New Asylum Policy to be Challenged in Court,” Scripps News. Steve said, “If you do enter the United States illegally, you will be presumed ineligible for asylum [under the new post-Title 42 Biden administration asylum rule] with certain limited exceptions. They want people instead to use this new CBP One app to schedule asylum interviews and then have the interviews at the ports of entry. So, they’re hoping that by the combination of parole, the refugee processing centers, and the CBP One app, people will do things legally. And this new rule then penalizes those who try to enter the United States illegally.” He also said “[w]e need to have an approach that realizes that we can only manage the border. We can’t ever stop all illegal immigration, but we also need to have Congress enact more work visas so the people who do want to come to the United States temporarily can do so legally and won’t be tempted to enter illegally.”
  • “Migrant Crisis Explained: Where Do We Go From Here?,” Fox 5 NY News. Steve said, “Our immigration system has not changed, but the world has changed.” He noted that there is no quick fix to asylum backlogs and border issues. “Yes, we do need to try to manage our border. The second prong would be to provide more work visas for people who do want to come and work so they can do so legally … And the third prong is to legalize the estimated 10 million people in the United States who lack authorization right now.”
  • A video of Steve’s remarks is at