Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by the Washington Post in “Tim Scott Hypes ‘Terrorist Watch List’ Border Crossings.” Commenting on remarks by Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott that “hundreds of people” have been crossing the southern border into the United States, Steve said that the phrase “crossing our borders” was an exaggeration. “They were caught at the border, either at a port of entry or between a port of entry. So perhaps ‘caught attempting to cross the border’ would be more accurate.” He also noted that not everyone on the watch list is a terrorist. (available by subscription)

Steve was quoted by CNY Central in ” ‘We Welcome Immigrants,’ Cornell Professor Says Influx of Migrants Could Improve Economy.” Among other things, Steve said, “I would say we welcome immigrants, we want them to come properly, we want them to come legally. I would co-sign Governor Hochul’s letter to the federal immigration agency urging them to decide these work permit applications [more quickly], and I would also urge New York State to appropriate more money to help counties on immigration generally.” He said that “the people need to think about the fact that these migrants are actually going to help the economies of upstate New York or wherever else. “We have a job shortage in New York State, and there are many jobs these migrants can do…we should be welcoming them with open arms.” Video and article: