Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by CBS News in “Trump Vows to End Birthright Citizenship for Children of Undocumented Immigrants If He Wins in 2024.” Steve said, “Any executive action that a president might try to end birthright citizenship would be challenged in court and would be likely struck down as unconstitutional.” He noted, however, that “it’s pretty clear that, for political purposes, he thinks that this kind of announcement will appeal to his base. It shows that he has anti-immigration credentials. And most of his voters don’t know or don’t care about whether such an executive order would be legal.” Read the article here. 

Steve co authored an op-ed in The Hill with Jacob Hamburger, an incoming visiting assistant professor at Cornell Law School. The op-ed, “To Address the Migration Crisis, State Governments Should Hire the Migrants,” concerns the controversy over the migrant influx in New York City and other large cities. The op-ed suggests that states can and should employ recent migrant arrivals without violating federal immigration law. Steve and Jacob propose that states create a new Migrant Empowerment Corps, modeled after the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps. The op-ed can be found here.

Steve was quoted by the New York Daily News in “DACA Recipients Hold Breath as Texas Judge Weighs Case.” He predicted that if the Texas case makes it to the Supreme Court, the court would not issue a final ruling before June 2025: “Litigation takes time. No one should worry that the DACA program is going to end tomorrow.” Read the article here. 

Steve was quoted in a Weill Cornell Medicine press release about recent commentary in a medical journal that he coauthored calling for equal access to health care for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients. Read the press release here. A slightly different version of the press release was published in Mirage News. 

Steve was quoted by Univision in “Biden Government Defends Family Separations at the Border in Court During Trump.” Steve said, “The forced separation of families during the Trump administration violated the due process rights of families. Many of them are now suing the United States government for damages. The forced separation also set a bad precedent, both for future presidents and for the leaders of other countries who might try the same thing.” Read the article here (in Spanish).