Miller Mayer immigration attorney Anna Angel recently received an approval of an I-140 green card petition in the EB-1A extraordinary ability category for an individual from China with a specialization in the field of fiber-optic communications and networking. The petition was approved in just 8 days by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services without a requests for additional evidence. In our strong filing, attorney Angel successfully demonstrated that our client has made original scientific contributions of major significance to their field; has authored scholarly articles in major professional or trade publications or other major media; has judged the work of others in the field; has received nationally and internationally recognized awards for excellence in their field; and has held leading and critical roles in distinguished organizations in their field. With the approval of this EB-1A petition, sometimes referred to as the “Einstein Visa,” our client will soon be able to apply for an immigrant visa at a U.S. consulate and will relocate with their family to the United States as a permanent resident. 

The EB-1A is an appealing green card option for individuals who have risen to the very top of their field of endeavor and can document their high-level achievements. This pathway does not require a job offer and bypasses the additional steps associated with the standard PERM-based green card process. Please see attorney Steve Yale-Loehr’s informative article discussing the EB-1A immigrant visa category at: 

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