The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced six new subcommittees for its Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC). HSAC comprises leaders in local law enforcement; first responders; state, local and tribal governments; national policy; the private sector; and academia. DHS said the notice is “not a solicitation for membership.”

Topics for the new subcommittees will include (1) development of DHS’s artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, to be divided into two subcommittees: one on how DHS can best use AI to advance critical missions, and one on how DHS can build defenses to the nefarious use of AI; (2) potential revisions to grant programs, including risk methodology, in light of the changed threat landscape over the past 20 years; (3) a review of the immigration Alternatives to Detention programs and recommendations to modernize them and make them more effective; and (4) potential revisions to the DHS workplace and workforce skill set, to be divided into two subcommittees: one to review DHS’s current diverse work environments, from secure spaces and ports of entry to remote offices, and make recommendations for the workplace of the future; and one to assess the alignment of workforce skills with work responsibilities in discrete, critical mission areas.

DHS expects that the subcommittees’ findings and recommendations will be submitted to the HSAC for its deliberation and vote during a public meeting in mid- to late summer 2023.

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