Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by several media outlets relating to the Supreme Court’s decision on the “Remain in Mexico” policy:

  • “Explaining the Supreme Court Immigration Ruling on ‘Remain in Mexico,’ ” PolitiFact. He explained that historically, when people believe an immigration policy violates immigration law, they can sue the government, which initiates a court case. However, these cases often take a long time, so the person or group suing can ask the courts to either stop or restart the policy if it is causing immediate harm, which is called an injunction, he noted. Find the article here.
  • “Biden Administration Can Drop ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy, But What Will it Use Instead?,” Marketplace on NPR. He said, “The court today recognized that this is really part of a bigger political problem of not enough funding for our broken immigration system.” Find the article here