Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by Time in “Why Judges Are Basically in Charge of U.S. Immigration Policy Now.” He said, “This is a manifestation of our broken immigration system. Today, almost every executive action on immigration is being challenged in the courts.” He also noted that judges having so much power to determine immigration policy also puts the U.S. judicial system in a delicate spot, since federal judges are often wary of being drawn into issues of national sovereignty or of impinging on the executive branch’s authority to conduct foreign policy. But these days, they often have no choice. “Courts are loath to weigh in,” he said. Another reason for the recent explosion of court challenges was the pace at which the Trump administration moved on immigration issues, the article notes. That “unprecedented pace” led to an unprecedented wave of new lawsuits. “That really accelerated the legal challenges,” Steve said. And now, he said, “Conservative states are suing every chance they get to challenge everything that the Biden administration is doing on immigration.” Read the article here.