Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by Law360 in “Pandemic Order Speeding Migrant Removals to End in May.” The article notes that opposition to the Biden administration’s ending of the two-year-old “Title 42” policy allowing the quick expulsion of migrants at U.S. land borders for pandemic-related reasons could lead to lawsuits. “If the lawsuits are successful, Title 42 may continue for some time,” Steve said. Find the article here (registration required).

Steve was quoted by the New York Times in “Facing Demand for Labor, U.S. to Provide 35,000 More Seasonal Worker Visas.” He said, “Even with these additional visas, there’s not nearly enough visas for all of the types of workers that employers want to hire on the H-2B program. But in the short term, at least, this is something the administration can do to help immediately.” Find the article here.

Steve was quoted by Bloomberg Law in “Narrow Immigration Fixes Sought by Employers, Religious Groups.” He cautioned that passing any immigration bill will likely be a long fight, even with commitments to work across the aisle: “Congress will enact immigration reform only through bipartisan efforts. In that regard, the Alliance for a New Immigration Consensus is a good first step. However, I fear that nothing will happen in Congress this year, both because of the midterm elections and the general controversy about immigration in America.” Find the article here.

Steve was quoted by the Cornell Chronicle in “Migrations Project Helps Refugees Claim Health Care Rights.” Commenting on refugees in the United States, he said, “Many of them believe—wrongly—that if they take any public benefits they will become deportable or not be able to get a green card. They lack clear and accurate information about what public benefits they are entitled to in the United States.” Find the article here.