Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by the Utica NY Observer-Dispatch in ” ‘Not to be there…is killing me’: Professor Aches for Comatose Wife Stuck in Ethiopia.” Mr. Yale-Loehr noted that both the pandemic and the United States’ “broken” immigration system have led to many family separations. “Family separation is a large and continuing problem in all of immigration,” he said. Find the article here (subscription required).

Steve was quoted by Univision in “Supreme Court Hears Arguments on the Release of Undocumented Persons Detained for More Than 6 Months.” He said, “Two lower courts held that, in certain cases, immigrants have that right [to a bail hearing]. But the conservative majority of the Supreme Court may disagree with those rulings,” he warns. The arguments, presented by immigration defense attorneys and the Justice Department, concern whether foreigners who have been detained for more than six months “have the right to a bail hearing to be released,” he said. In one of the cases, the immigrant Antonio Arteaga-Martínez argues that to avoid a violation of due process, “he and some other immigrants should have the right to a bond hearing after six months in detention. However, last year, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that immigrants who return illegally to the United States after being deported must be held without bond while they await a second deportation hearing,” he noted. Mr. Yale-Loehr said that “the cases are important, in part due to the large backlog of cases in immigration court. More than 1.5 million immigrants have cases pending with the [Executive Office for Immigration Review]. It can take years to get a decision. If immigrants have to be detained all that time, the monetary and social costs will be immense.” Find the article here (in Spanish, with English translation available).