Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by the Gothamist in “For Asylum Seekers, Manhattan is Only Part of a Harrowing Journey.” Regarding asylum seekers who have come from Venezuela to New York City, Steve said, “It is too soon to tell what percentage of Venezuelans will qualify for asylum. Because of backlogs in the asylum process, it could be years before we will know.” Read the article here. 

Steve was quoted by the Daily Caller in “Will DeSantis Be Convicted for Kidnapping Over Martha’s Vineyard Flights? Experts Say It’s Unlikely.” Steve said he thought claiming Republican governors were guilty of human trafficking for sending migrants out of state was an “exaggeration,” adding that “illegal transportation prosecutions and convictions are very rare. They are mainly aimed at smuggling operations. Thus, I think it is unlikely that Republican governors would be prosecuted under this law. The bottom line: It is a stretch to claim that Republican governors are violating human trafficking laws or laws that bar illegal transportation of migrants.” Read the article here.