Miller Mayer immigration attorney Kristal Ozmun recently received approval of an O-1 temporary visa petition for a researcher and author of extraordinary ability in less than 2 weeks without a request for additional evidence. Miller Mayer successfully proved to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service that our client, a researcher in the field of not-for-profit fundraising, is clearly an individual of extraordinary ability. Through their major original research contributions to the field of fundraising, authorship of significant books and articles in prestigious professional journals, and employment in organizations having a distinguished reputation, Miller Mayer was able to craft a winning case. 

The O-1 visa for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement carries a high standard of evidence compared to many other temporary visa categories. The O-1 visa can be an attractive nonimmigrant visa option, and with an experienced immigration attorney on your side you may have a winning case. If you are interested in the O-1 visa, or if you would like to discuss your immigration goals with a Miller Mayer attorney, schedule your consultation today at