Miller Mayer immigration attorney Kristal Ozmun recently received an approval of an O-1 temporary visa petition for a graphic designer from India. After a strong initial filing, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) approved the petition in less than 40 days, without a request for additional evidence.

The O-1 temporary visa category for people who have extraordinary ability carries a high standard of evidence compared to many other visa categories. Our successful filing highlighted the many achievements of our client, including his performance in a leading and critical role for his employer, his record of commercial and critically acclaimed successes, and his recognition of achievements from organizations in his field, among others. 

The O-1 visa category can be an attractive visa option. With an experienced immigration attorney on your side, you may have a winning case for an O-1 visa. If you are interested in the O-1 or any other visa, or if you would like to discuss your immigration goals with a Miller Mayer attorney, schedule your consultation today at