Naturalization is the final step in the immigration process to the United States. The benefits of U.S. citizenship are many, including the right to vote in U.S. elections. In many cases it can also mean a shorter wait time for to sponsor green cards for family members who want to immigrate. Miller Mayer immigration attorney Sandra Bruno recently received an approval for one of our clients from Trinidad and Tobago to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. Our client attended their oath ceremony less than a year after the naturalization application was submitted and their application did not receive any requests for additional evidence from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. We are proud to help bring about a happy conclusion to this immigration journey for a client who became a U.S. permanent resident in 2016.

If you are a permanent resident interested in learning about applying for U.S. citizenship, or if you are a U.S. citizen hoping to learn more about sponsoring a family member for a green card, please schedule a consultation with a Miller Mayer attorney at