A temporary final rule issued by the Department of Labor (DOL) on May 18, 2022, included additional recruitment requirements for certain employers. One such requirement is that where the occupation or industry is traditionally or customarily unionized, “the employer must contact (by mail, email or other effective means) the nearest American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations [AFL-CIO] office covering the area of intended employment and provide written notice of the job opportunity, by providing a copy of the job order placed … and request assistance in recruiting qualified U.S. workers for the job.”

Examples of such contact provided in the rule include emailing or mailing the job order, along with a request for assistance to recruit workers, to the appropriate AFL-CIO office. To aid employers who must conduct this additional recruitment step, one effective means of contacting the nearest AFL-CIO office covering the area of intended employment is to email the job order and request for assistance to H-2B@aflcio.org or contacting the national AFL-CIO by mail at:

Attn: H-2B
815 Black Lives Matter Plaza, NW
Washington, DC  20005

DOL said that when received, the agency will distribute these materials to the most appropriate local AFL-CIO office serving the area of intended employment for that job opportunity. DOL said employers “are encouraged to contact the AFL-CIO using the email or mailing address above, though contact directly with the AFL-CIO office covering the area of intended employment is also acceptable. Employers are reminded to retain documentation of contact with the AFL-CIO as required.”

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