The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has designated Cameroon for temporary protected status (TPS) for 18 months, effective June 7, 2022, through December 7, 2023. This designation allows Cameroonian nationals (and individuals having no nationality who last habitually resided in Cameroon) who have continuously resided in the United States since April 14, 2022, and who have been continuously physically present in the United States since June 7, 2022, to apply for TPS. An estimated 11,700 individuals may be eligible, according to U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Cameroon nationals and individuals having no nationality who last habitually resided in Cameroon may submit an initial registration application under the designation of Cameroon for TPS and apply for an employment authorization document (EAD) during the 18-month registration period that began June 7, 2022, and ends on December 7, 2023. 

DHS explained that TPS-based EADs have a category code of A12 or C19. Once USCIS issues a TPS-based EAD, the individual is authorized to work. All employees, including those with a TPS-related EAD under the TPS designation of Cameroon, must show a document proving they are authorized to work to complete the Form I-9 verification process.

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