U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has expanded its guidance on Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness (LRIF) applications, clarifying steps applicants must take if they cannot submit primary evidence of Liberian nationality to support an LRIF-based application for adjustment of status. The deadline to apply to adjust status under LRIF is December 20, 2021.

USCIS said it “strongly encourages applicants to submit any and all evidence available to them when applying for LRIF.” The agency said it will consider “any and all evidence,” including the applicant’s testimony during an interview, when determining eligibility for adjustment of status. USCIS recommended submission of a written and signed statement explaining the applicant’s attempts to acquire primary evidence (e.g., an unexpired Liberian passport or Liberian certificate of naturalization), to include accompanying records demonstrating these attempts (e.g., proof of an application for a Liberian passport; proof of an application to renew an expired Liberian passport; proof of communication with Liberian government authorities responsible for issuing primary evidence; or receipts of transactions to obtain primary evidence). Applicants must also provide secondary evidence of Liberian nationality (e.g., an expired Liberian passport, Liberian baptismal record or other religious document, Liberian school records, and Liberian medical records). 

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