Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by Veja, a Brazilian weekly news magazine, in “Kamala Harris’ First Major Mission: The Problem Is Not Simple: Finding a Solution for the Crowds of Immigrants Who Accumulate at the Border in Search of the American Dream.” He noted that Ms. Harris’s role “highlights the importance of the mission to untie the immigration knot, but it is a difficult task.” He added that it “will take a long time to stabilize Central American economies and create a safer environment from which people don’t feel they have to flee for their lives.” The full article can be found at [Portuguese]

Steve was quoted by Univision in “Titles 8 and 42, the Invisible Wall for Thousands of Immigrants Seeking Asylum in the United States.” He said, “The term ‘border crisis’ is exaggerated and too simplistic. In general, undocumented immigration to the United States is lower now than 20 years ago.” However, he noted an increase in unaccompanied children in part because former President Trump “refused to let them enter the country” to apply for asylum. “In the short term, we can deal with that by increasing the bed spaces for them (in processing centers) and placing more asylum agents at the border to decide their cases faster,” he said. But in the long term, “we need to work with Central American governments to stabilize their economies and reduce gang violence, so that people do not feel the need to come to the United States.” The full article can be found at [Spanish]