Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by Reuters in “U.S. Supreme Court Hands Victory to Immigrants Facing Deportation.” The article appeared in many news outlets. He said the ruling gives immigrants “a second chance to try to prove that they qualify for cancellation of removal and other forms of relief.” The full article can be found at

Steve was quoted by Univision in “Biden Changes His Tone on Immigration Issues, But the Underlying Crisis is the Same.” He said, “President Biden has done a lot on immigration in his first 100 days in office. Among other things, he sent a major immigration reform bill to Congress, reinstated the DACA program, reprioritized deportation policy to focus on serious offenders, ended the previous administration’s travel bans, and allowed families and unaccompanied children to enter the United States while they await their asylum hearings. Doing all of this in 100 days is extraordinary, especially given everything else he is dealing with, including stopping the Covid-19 pandemic, economic woes, climate change, and efforts to improve our aging infrastructure.” However, he noted that “much remains to be done. In particular, the surge in people trying to enter the United States is giving Republicans an easy talking point to say that President Biden is ‘soft’ on immigration. That may make it more difficult to persuade Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform this year.” The full article can be found at, with English translation offered)

Steve was quoted by Correio Braziliense in “Experts Analyze 100 Days of Biden and President’s Speech to Congress.” He said, “President Biden has done a lot in the first 100 days of his term. The government has helped many Americans get vaccinated against Covid-19. It also persuaded Congress to pass legislation to help people cope with the pandemic.” He also noted Biden’s suspension of the Trump-era ban on U.S. entry of people from Muslim countries, and said, “Biden also stated that unaccompanied children at the border should not be detained while seeking asylum. However, he failed to increase the number of refugees from other countries. It is worth remembering that Trump made more than 400 changes in immigration policy. It will take some time to undo these changes.” The full article can be found at (Portuguese, with English translation offered)