Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by Bloomberg Law Daily Labor Report in “U.S. Lawmakers Exploring Regional Visa Programs to Boost Economy.” The U.S. Citizenship Act’s regional economic development visa proposal echoes a similar initiative that was enacted as part of immigration law in 1990—the Labor Market Information program, which directed the Department of Labor to identify industries with a shortage of workers in the United States and industries with a surplus, he said. The plan was to make it easier to select immigrants in the shortage occupations and harder in the surplus occupations. “The proposed regulations were roundly criticized and the whole program died. In concept, this sounds great, but the devil is always in the details,” he said.

Steve was quoted by Law & Crime in “Despite Biden Admin’s Claims, Southern District of Texas Ruling Does Not Require ICE to Deport.” He said, “Today’s court order does not require ICE to deport everyone who has a final deportation order. ICE still has discretion in deciding who to deport.”

Steve moderated a webinar, “What to Expect on Immigration from the Biden Administration,” last week. Here are materials relating to the webinar: