One of Miller Mayer’s areas of expertise is representing physicians and the hospitals and medical facilities where they are employed. Using this expertise, Miller Mayer filed a green card petition for a physician from India. The I-140 petition was recently approved without issuance of any requests for additional evidence from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Miller Mayer had also concurrently filed an I-485 adjustment of status application for this physician alongside the I-140. With the approval of the I-140, and based on their priority date, this physician’s I-485 is now eligible for approval by USCIS as well, which will secure them a green card.

Miller Mayer proudly represents hospitals, healthcare facilities, and physicians across the United States. Whether you’re a human resources manager at a healthcare facility seeking information on how to ensure your foreign national employees remain in lawful status, or a physician new to the immigration system of the United States seeking guidance on your long-term immigration plans, Miller Mayer can assist you. If you’re interested in more information, schedule an immigration consultation with a Miller Mayer attorney at