Employment-based immigrant visas can be a long and complex process, especially when there is a job offer and a labor certification requirement. However, one immigrant visa option, the national interest waiver, does not require either a job offer or a labor certification process.

Miller Mayer recently received an immigrant visa petition approval in the EB-2 green card category with a national interest waiver for a client specializing in wildlife pathology. Global wildlife is increasingly threatened due to habitat destruction, global warming, pollution, and disease. The study and understanding of wildlife, with a goal toward preserving biomes and environmental biodiversity, is an endeavor of national importance. Through our client’s extensive original scientific and scholarly contributions to this field and their leading roles in distinguished organizations, Miller Mayer was able to submit a winning case.

This petition was approved without a request for additional evidence from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Miller Mayer’s years of experience in immigration helped bring this happy conclusion to our client’s immigration goals.

A national interest waiver request has a high evidentiary standard compared to many other green card categories. Having experienced immigration attorneys on your side to help navigate the process and prepare a winning case is more important than ever.

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