Here are five things to consider when hiring an immigration attorney:

Cost: Hiring an immigration attorney is not always inexpensive. Before actively searching for an attorney, take a serious look into your financial situation. After assessing, you can budget out how much you can afford when it comes time to taking action. Ask prospective attorneys for cost estimates and how much they have charged for similar cases to assist in your selection decision. 

Experience: Immigration cases can take form in a variety of ways, whether it be for a business, an individual client, or a family. Depending on your immigration needs, look for an immigration attorney who is qualified to handle your specific case. Find an attorney who specializes in immigration law and also has previous experience handling cases similar to yours. Describe your situation in detail to the prospective attorney and ask them if they have worked with clients with similar issues. If they have not, consider searching for a different immigration attorney who has relevant experience. 

Success Rate: Select an immigration attorney who can best help you to win your case. Ask attorneys about their past success rate for immigration cases like yours. While no one can guarantee success, a higher success rate is encouraging and can help to instill more confidence in your attorney. 

Accessibility: Immigration cases require a lot of care and patience. Ask the prospective attorney how many other cases they are currently handling to see if they have the resources to take on your case as well. For example, see if they have a paralegal or other person to assist them. You want to make sure your attorney has the time and passion for your case and that they can be easily reached. 

Trust: Feeling confident and comfortable with the attorney of your choice is important. Go with someone you feel you can trust after doing a consultation. After meeting with the attorney, ask yourself the following questions: Can you understand what they are saying? Did they explain things clearly and in an understandable way? The immigration attorney you pick should be the one who best satisfies and reassures your needs, while also seeming trustworthy and confident. You don’t want to choose an attorney who seems like they could trip up at future filings or that does not appear optimistic about working with you. 

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