by Dan Berger and Stephen Yale-Loehr

This article summarizes key immigration issues to understand and follow this year.


Scholars and Professors

Overall Recommendations

  • Address mental health consequences of immigration policy. Consider adding counseling resources to visa law presentations.
  • Be ready for more scrutiny from the President’s “Extreme Vetting” and “Buy American/Hire American” executive orders. This means longer processing times for everything from student work cards to visa interviews to green cards.
  • Have clear point people on campus to field questions – many unfounded rumors exist.
  • Collect campus data to support advocacy at the state (e.g. drivers licenses, NJ schools letter) and federal levels (e.g., StartUp Act to help entrepreneurs, Believe Act to reform employment-based immigration, new bill to address severe green card backlogs).
  • Support continuing education and government liaison efforts of international advisers. With new leadership at various agencies, immigration will likely continue to get more challenging.