The Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) has completed a randomization process to assign all H-2B applications submitted during the initial three-day filing window, January 2-4, 2020, requesting an April 1, 2020, work start date for the second half of the fiscal year 2020 H-2B statutory visa cap. OFLC said it will provide written notification to employers (and the employer’s authorized attorney or agent) with their H-2B Assignment Group. OFLC has published the list of the H-2B applications assigned to each Assignment Group, along with a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ).

OFLC received a total of 5,677 H-2B applications requesting 99,362 worker positions during this filing period.

Details: Related OFLC notices,; list of H-2B applications and their Assignment Groups,; Federal Register notice about the randomization process for H-2B applications,; OFLC H-2B FAQ,