Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by Univision in “¿Habrá una reforma migratoria si gana Biden? ¿Deshará la política de Trump? Lo que puede pasar tras las elecciones.” (“Will there be immigration reform if Biden wins? Will he undo Trump’s policy? What can happen after the elections?”) Steve said, “If Biden wins but Republicans continue to control the Senate, it will be very difficult to get Congress to pass a bill to reform our broken immigration system. It will also be difficult for him to make changes through executive orders. Conservative groups or Republican states would likely sue to stop Biden’s executive orders, just as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and liberal states sued to stop many of President Trump’s executive orders.”


Steve also noted that “it could be difficult to undo all the immigration damage that President Trump has inflicted, for a number of reasons. First, Biden and Congress will have several competing priorities in 2021, including conquering the coronavirus pandemic and resurrecting our economy.” Thus, “immigration reform may not happen immediately.” “Second, even when Congress enacts a comprehensive immigration reform law, it will take some time to implement,” he warned. “Third, it may take some time to replace the anti-immigrant officials currently in immigration agencies with more pro-immigrant officials. And fourth, it will take time to overcome the immigration delays created by the current administration. For all these reasons, I am afraid that we will not see as much progress in immigration reform in the next four years as many would like.”