Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by the Toronto Globe and Mail in “Trump Freezes Some Immigration to U.S., May Stop Temporary Work Permits, Citing Coronavirus.”

Steve said, “First, if the purpose of the proclamation is to protect against the coronavirus, it makes no sense to temporarily suspend entry of people applying for green visas but not those coming temporarily to the United States. Second, if the purpose is to protect U.S. workers, it also makes no sense to exclude temporary foreign workers from the proclamation.”

Steve was quoted by Huffington Post in “Trump Signs Order Suspending Some Immigration During Coronavirus Pandemic.”

He said before the order was released that an order to ban all immigration to the United States would be “outrageous and likely unconstitutional,” noting that the United States has “never done that before, even during world wars.”

Steve was quoted by China Daily in “U.S. Immigration Suspension Draws Criticism.

He said, “If the executive order (had) suspended all immigration to the United States, it would surely be challenged as unconstitutional.”

Steve was quoted by Law360 in “Can Trump End Immigration? Wording Matters, Scholars Say.”

He noted that if the order targeted anyone already in the United States, it would raise constitutional concerns.

Steve was also quoted by several other publications on the same topic: