Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by the New York Times in ” ‘They’re Playing With Our Lives’: What Happens Next for DACA’s ‘Dreamers.’ ” He said, “DACA recipients cannot feel safe yet, for a variety of reasons. The only true solution for DACA recipients is legislation offering them a path to legalization. Given the polarization in Congress, that seems difficult to achieve.” The article is at

Steve was quoted by the Times of India in “New-Age Companies Like Airbnb Top H-1B Salaries.” He said that all H-1B employers must pay the higher of either the prevailing wage for the job in the geographical area or the actual wage paid to other similarly situated workers in the company. “The prevailing wage varies, depending on the geographical location and the precise delineation of the job (e.g., level 1 computer systems analyst versus level 1 computer systems analyst). The actual wage also varies, depending on the company. For example, Netflix generally pays its technology workers more than other tech companies. The overall system isn’t perfect, but it isn’t supposed to depress wages for similarly employed U.S. workers.” The article is at

Steve was quoted by the Houston Chronicle in “Kids Face Speeded Up Deportation.” The article discusses 18 youths “facing expedited removal proceedings in which Houston-area immigration judges ordered them to hand over complicated documentation on short notice” under a Department of Justice memorandum concerning new procedures in removal proceedings. Steve said, “The Trump administration has attacked the immigration system in unprecedented ways over the past four years. This memo is just the latest salvo in their dying days to send people who have faced persecution back to their home countries.” The article is at

Steve was quoted in two media outlets about a court decision striking down the Trump administration’s public charge rule: