Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by Study International in “A Biden Win is a Win for International Students in the U.S.—Here’s Why.” He said that President-elect Biden could revoke Trump administration regulations and policies that make it harder for international students to obtain student visas and limit their stay in the United States, but that any regulations finalized before President Trump leaves office would mean that the new administration would need to go through the lengthy regulatory process again. The rules could also be undone through the Congressional Review Act if Congress acts within 60 days. Mr. Yale-Loehr also noted that the new President could reverse a Department of Education emergency rule blocking international students in the United States from receiving COVID-19 pandemic relief funding. The article is at

Steve was quoted by Bloomberg Law in “Court Voids Public Charge Rule Denying Immigrants U.S. Entry.” Commenting on a federal court decision striking down the Trump administration’s new public charge rule, he said, “The government is sure to appeal to the Seventh Circuit and try to get a stay of this decision even though the appellate court has already ruled the plaintiffs are likely to win.” The article is at

Steve was interviewed by WVBR about the impact of recent H-1B rules on international students. The interview is at