The Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) has announced a new cloud-based online portal, the Foreign Labor Application Gateway (FLAG). The newly modernized portal is intended to “help U.S. employers find qualified workers while ensuring protections for U.S. and foreign workers.”

The new portal is replacing OFLC’s current iCERT system. It will serve as the new application filing and case management portal for all foreign labor certification programs. OFLC said the enhancements include personalized user accounts, form preparation, automated case alerts, and improved access to OFLC decisions.

FLAG will be used for filing prevailing wage requests (Form ETA-9141) for PERM applications (i.e., the first stage of the employment-based green card process) starting June 10, 2019; and for submitting H-2B applications starting July 3, 2019.

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