Miller Mayer’s Upcoming Talks

5/22 – Miller Mayer presents H-1B Alternatives Webinar

6/7 – Steve Yale-Loehr moderates Reunion Panel – “Immigration in the Time of Trump: Caravans, Crises, and Citizenship Concerns” at Cornell and live streamed from 10:30am-12pm (Eastern Time)

Immigration is at the forefront of U.S. law and policy. President Donald Trump is using his executive prerogative in a variety of ways to restrict immigration, including attempts to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, make it harder to apply for asylum and easier to deport undocumented immigrants, separate children from parents, limit legal protections for abused youth, ban Muslims, and eliminate birthright citizenship. The Trump administration is making it harder for employers to legally hire foreign nationals, for U.S. citizens to sponsor family members for green cards, for immigrants to assert their legal rights in the workplace and in the courts, and for refugees to settle in the United States. Immigration advocates are challenging these actions through litigation and other creative means.  Join Cornell Law School’s expert team on immigration – as they analyze the legal and daily-life implications of immigration changes under the Trump administration and what Cornell Law faculty, students, and alumni are doing in response.

6/18 – David Wilks and Steve Yale-Loehr moderate panels at AILA Annual Conference Orlando FL

6/25-28 – David Wilks speaks at MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance Conference in Boston


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