Miller Mayer immigration attorney Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted by Univision in an article regarding a proposed rule that would make it harder for immigrants to receive certain public benefits. According to Steve, if the new rule takes effect, it “will dramatically increase the number of immigrants who may be considered ineligible for the green card depending on the use of certain government services, household income and other criteria.” The full article is at

Steve was also quoted by Davis Enterprise in “Union petitions UC to support Iranian students.” Steve commented on the recent increase in Iranian students being refused entry to the US: “I can only speculate that the reason may have more to do with the deteriorating state of U.S.-Iran relations than with anything in the students’ backgrounds.” The full article is at

Steve was also quoted by Truthout in “Trump Has Built a Bureaucratic Wall to Keep Out Immigrants He Says He Wants.” Steve is quoted in the article and references a database of H-1B cases in federal court that Steve compiled. The full article is at