Stephen Yale-Loehr spoke with the Everyday Immigration Podcast about “merit-based” immigration proposals on the podcast’s most recent episode: “Immigration Meritocracy.”

Last week, the Trump administration again put forward a merit-based immigration proposal. Such proposals are not new, and in fact, a number of nations have tried similar systems that would award “points” toward permanent residence, depending on the characteristics of the applicant. Recently, Steve received a major grant to study global merit-based immigration systems, in order to develop a proposal which could work within the context of the American system. He discussed this research and merit-based immigration generally with Everyday Immigration.

Speaking of the state of current U.S. immigration policy, Steve tells Everyday Immigration:

“The last time we reformed our legal immigration system was in 1990, 29 years ago, and the world has changed considerably since then…Every country is trying to get the best and the brightest to come to their own country, but we really have not changed our immigration system, and so I think we’re losing out on talent.”

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