The US Supreme Court (referred to as the High Court) on Wednesday (October 16) to hear whether state law enforcement agencies can sue theft of federal society under the state identity theft law Security number , illegal immigration case for job hunting….

… Stephen Yale-Loehr, an immigration professor at Cornell University School of Law, said: “If the Supreme Court rules that the federal government no longer has sole responsibility for regulating immigration, lower courts may uphold pro-immigrant or sanctuary or non-cooperation polices enacted by states and localities.”

… EB-5 has gotten a jolt of life, but experts say the program could soon flatline.  New federal regulations will nearly double the minimum dollar amount that all foreign visa-seekers must plow into development projects. Because the rules take effect Nov. 21, investors have been rushing to get in at the existing minimum, according to developers, attorneys and regional center directors who handle much of the EB-5 transactions.  Investment requirements will rise to $900,000 from the existing $500,000 for a project in a low employment zone — known as a targeted employment area. They will also climb to $1.8 million from the existing $1 million in all other areas. …

…Steve Yale-Loehr, an expert on the federal program, said that most of the existing EB-5 investments nationwide are at the $500,000 level. But after next month’s deadline, fewer than half of all EB-5 projects will be allowed at that threshold, said Yale-Loehr, a Cornell Law School professor who focuses on immigration….

… “Si bien el gobierno ciertamente tiene el derecho de deportar a personas con órdenes legítimas de deportación final, muchas de esas órdenes pueden estar sujetas a impugnación”, dice Stephen Yale-Loehr, profesor de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Cornell, en Nueva York. “Los inmigrantes tienen derechos”, agregó.

Por ejemplo, explica, “dadas las ineficiencias en el sistema de tribunales de inmigración, muchas personas pudieron haber recibido una orden de deportación ilegalmente porque ICE no tenía su dirección correcta para notificarles sobre su fecha en el tribunal de inmigración”.

Yale-Loehr indica que, “en estos casos, las personas afectadas pueden tener el derecho de reabrir su caso de inmigración. Busque un abogado ahora”, indicó….

English translation, according to Google Translate:

According to data from the Information and Access Center for Transactional Records (TRAC) of the University of Syracuse (New York), between fiscal years 2011 and 2019 the immigration courts issued 959,555 deportation orders. It is not known how many deportation orders have been executed….

…”While the government certainly has the right to deport people with legitimate orders of final deportation, many of those orders may be subject to challenge,” says Stephen Yale-Loehr, a professor at Cornell University Law School, in NY. “Immigrants have rights,” he added.

For example, he explains, “given the inefficiencies in the immigration court system, many people may have received a deportation order illegally because ICE did not have their correct address to notify them of their date in immigration court.”  Yale-Loehr indicates that “in these cases, affected persons may have the right to reopen their immigration case. Find a lawyer now,” he said.