Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted by the Associated Press in “Border Patrol Expands Fingerprinting of Migrant Children,” which was published in many outlets.

“DHS may claim that they can get around this bar [against taking biometric data from children] by getting parental permission, but that interpretation is subject to court challenge. To do this legally, DHS needs to go through the rulemaking process to change the regulation.”

David Wilks was quoted by Columbia Spectator in “Extra Baggage – The Difficulties Graduate Students and Postdocs Face Navigating Columbia on a Visa,”

“David Wilks, an employment and immigration lawyer, acknowledges that there was already an ’exceptional level of vetting’ in place prior to Trump, but the current administration is pushing the Department of State even further. It’s very difficult, once you’re in administrative processing, to get out of it.”

“But a university can still shape its own policies within the constraints of federal policies. ’Those laws would be the foundation, and then the university would make the decision of how to build their policy up from that foundation,’ Wilks says.”