A long-standing client who is a physician originally from Colombia sent us a moving thank you note this month. We first met him in 2011, when he secured the temporary right to work as a physician in the United States by committing to three years of service in a poor, rural area. The physician finished his three years of service, and stayed on to work in the community. He married a nurse, started a family, became a permanent resident, and recently became a U.S. citizen. Along the way, he contributed meaningfully to the community’s healthcare.

Here’s what our client wrote to Hilary Fraser, the Miller Mayer attorney who helped him on his long immigration journey: “Thank you for everything you have done during my process. I got my citizenship and the naturalization ceremony was amazing. The judge commented on how I saved the life of one of his closest friends and he invited her to the ceremony.”

We are grateful for our client — another great American.