Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted in the following publications:

He noted (in Spanish) that Trump’s executive order of April 18, 2018 “is too simple a solution to a complex problem.” He added that changes in immigration laws should be monitored “to make sure that companies pay the right salary, but that they do not damage innovation in the process.”

“Cases that used to be approved without a second thought are now receiving requests for evidence and are being denied,” he noted. Mr. Yale-Loehr said that the Trump administration’s H-1B crackdown could ultimately hamper U.S. firms’ ability to hire U.S. workers: “They may not be able to continue to grow their companies the way they would like. It may make larger companies more likely to set up overseas operations rather than expand in the United States, and that ultimately hurts U.S. workers.” On the issue of whether Indian citizens are being singled out by the U.S. government, Mr. Yale-Loehr said that was unclear. “It could just be because Indians are over-represented among computer professionals; therefore they’re over-represented in these requests for evidence and denials,” he noted.

Steve participated in an hour-long panel discussion on the Syracuse PBS TV station about how President Trump’s immigration changes are affecting people in New York.